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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Relaksasi experience ni Yeye...

Enjoy the pictures.

Services of Relaksasi:


Javanese Lulur with Wrap P750
Balinese Boreh with Wrap P750
Black Borneo Lulur with Wrap P750
Chocolate Scrub & Wrap P900
Sand Peeling P500
Whitening Body mask P500
Honey milk mask with Milk bath P850
Honey milk mask P500


Javanese Lulur Massage salt and oil P950
Balinese Boreh Massage salt and oil P950
Black Borneo Lulur Massage salt and oil P950


Milk Bath P400
Rajah Herbal Bath (for men) P350
Ratu Herbal Bath (for women) P350
Sedative Herbal bath & steam P350

**Free use of Sauna or steam bath for all body treatment and massage

The woman at the reception suggested the Balinese Boreh massage salt and oil (PhP950), which is good for the muscles (long hours in front of your computer can be bad for the neck and back).

Boreh, according to the Herb Companion, is a Balinese spice body mask that is a popular treatment for fever, headaches, muscle aches, and arthritis. It is also believed to enhance blood circulation and exfoliate and soften the skin. Then I was led inside the spa.

The area is nice and cozy. This is the hallway leading to the private rooms...

Anyway, I'm off to the showers. There was only one and they have glass doors. Not smoked glass, just clear glass doors! Anyone who'd pass by to pee (at door opposite) will see me naked! Shall I switch off the lights so no one could see me?! F**k I can't see a thing!! Decided to get a very quick bath instead. Oh, this ain't making me relax!!! Tsk tsk. Quick shower, reach out for the towel, sneak into the steam bath. There, I started to relax. I love the heat and the rosy glow you get right after. Lingered for awhile and showered again.

Steam Bath

When it is time to relieve the stress after a hard days work, the sauna and steam room are the perfect places to unwind and relax.

Heat from the steam or sauna causes the muscles to relax, widening the blood vessels, allowing more oxygen to flow to them, releasing their tension. The heat also gives relief to sufferers of arthritis. The heat causes the whole body to relax; this experience melts away stress and soothes the mind and body.

I just love all sorts of pampering (salon, nail parlors, spa, etc), most especially massages. I remembered I saw this spa few months before but never really had a chance to go. It looked ok and welcoming. And I was surprised to see their prices aren't as expensive as the other spas I go to. They have a variety of services as well, from massages to scrubs, hand and foot reflex and nail grooming services. I decided to have Balinese Boreh massage salt and oil. I personally love a body scrub with massage. It comes with a 15 minute sauna and warm shower.

My masseuse then came and introduced herself and led me to the lockers. Asked me what tea I prefer, hot or cold (+). I chose hot. I then changed to my robe. Then I was led to the small sauna room. Yeah too small that it can only accomodate me. Only me. Which is fine. The rooms are cozy and appropriately-lit with tranquil music playing unobtrusively , it is very soothing. The music is very relaxing and I felt peace heheheh. For the first. Lolz

Now I'm ready for the massage. My room was quite nice too. Wait, there was a shower room inside! Why the hell, didn't my therapist just led me there right away?!

Massage time!

My Balinese Boreh Massage Treatment

The scrub/massage went well. It was the first time I got some major rub down. Major rubdown in the sense that they massage you while they scrub you. Imagine, massage strokes with the masseuse wearing a loofah glove. I enjoyed it actually. Just kept on reminding her to go a little lighter. The experience was different for me but I did enjoy it. My skin was soft and glowing right after rinsed out. I give the service 4 out of 5 stars


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