Barkada 4 lyf

Saturday, May 21, 2011

now with grace (bago sya bumalik ng singapore)

dinner @ Chilli's then had a tea and yogurt @ kozui

baby xander 6months celeb (may 20, 2011)

dinner @ giligan's trinoma

dessert @ icebergs trinoma

Saturday, May 14, 2011

1 day kitakits sa Singapore!!! (april 2011)

MRT in Singapore

lunch at JustAcia

fountain of wealth

the famous Durian Dome and The Singapore Flyer (giant Ferris wheel)

that's Marina Bay Sands Hotel (sa likod namin.. )

The real Merlion that was transformed temporarily to a Hotel room. Just for 2 person.

Dinner at Marche

pictorial sa harbour square.. hehehe

trip trip lang po.. hehehe parang hong kong lang...

dibay dibay sa Acuatico (april 2011)

welcome to Acuatico eto po ang aming tinuluyan.. heheeh

breakfast and lunch

the infinity pool

the family that swims together, stays together.. hehehe

toni's bday april 2011

@ Hyatt hotel, tnx nick
with nick, edsel, mellord and kahlil @ Aristocrat

with edsel, mellord and kahlil @ Dencio's

with mhean and manilyn @ Chilli's